How to Download TubeMate for your Blackberry Phones

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How to Download TubeMate for your Blackberry Phones

How to Download TubeMate for your Blackberry Phones


There is no doubt about it that once a number one choice of people, Windows Phones and Blackberry have lost their shine after the launch of Android and iOS phones, but some people still prefer BlackBerry phones over android and iOS phones.

So for the convenience of all the Blackberry users, we are going to tell them here how to download TubeMate YouTube downloader for their Blackberry phone.

Why only TubeMate YouTube downloader?

Many of us may have not heard about TubeMate YouTube Application before. For their information we will like to share with them that it is a very useful App which enables Blackberry users to download YouTube videos on their phone to meet the download demand.

But the question in your mind must be why TubeMate YouTube downloader only when there are hundreds of other YouTube downloaders available in the market. You will find the answer in the features of TubeMate YouTube downloader. Read and if you like, then download TubeMate YouTube downloader. The features are as given below

  1. The App is free for all. You can download it on your PC as well as on your Mac, but you need to install Bluestacks for that. You can’t download it directly on Blackberry, PC or Mac. So cost is not the limitation.
  2. The size of the file often becomes a concern, some phones are not able to run large size files. TubeMate downloader can convert your large file into a small file by constricting its size. Similarly you can increase the size of the file
  3. One more parameter is resolution of the movie. YouTube Downloader can run movie of any resolution on your phone, provided the device supports the resolution parameter
  4. Sometime the format of the file becomes an issue and the device fails to load a file of a particular format.  Its media converter can change the format of any file into any desired format.
  5. If the download fails due to network failure, you don’t need to restart the download, the download will resume from the point of failure once the internet connection restores. You can pause a download and resume it later on.
  6. The interface is simple and easy to use, hence downloading has become a left hand task
  7. The most amazing feature is irrespective of the speed of network, the download speed remains the same.

How to download TubeMate YouTube downloader for your Blackberry phone

You should keep in mind that TubeMate YouTube downloader will not directly download YouTube videos on Blackberry phone, you will need to install android emulator Bluestacks on your phone.

Read the below given instructions to install TubeMate YouTube Downloader

  1. First of all uninstall the previous version of Bluestacks and  TubeMate YouTube Downloader
  2. Now download and install Bluestacks on your phone. It is a free of cost Application
  3. Once you will download Bluestacks, click to  open .exe file
  4. Install it on your Blackberry phone taking help from given instructions
  5. Now visit the official site of TubeMate YouTube downloader because it is not available in Google Play store
  6. TubeMate YouTube downloader will install within the Bluestacks
  7. That is all you need to do to install TubeMate YouTube downloader on Blackberry.
  8. Now you can use the App to download YouTube videos.